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When you call a live computer technician answers the phone with 30+ years experience. We will listen & try to explain things so that you will understand. Common Sense answers & common Sense solutions.  If you don't understand something, tell us. We will do our best to explain it to you.


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We understand that you need a computer in this world today.  We know that software is more often the problem than hardware on today's modern computers.


If your computer boots & connects to the internet.  We can connect to you through the internet. We can interact with you as you sit in your home or office.  You get to see and interact with us as we solve your problems, clean, repair or install software.


 If your computer does not boot up.

We offer pick up or on-site repair if possible.


 We understand your data & your pictures are valuable to you. If needed, we will back up and save your data as best we can.


When it is not cost-effective to repair.

We can give you recommendations on new PC’S based on 30+ years repairing and explaining computers.


We deal with 1st, 2nd & 3rd level technicians & sales at Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage, QuickBooks, Canon, Zebra, AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, T-Mobile, Verizon, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, & many other software, hardware vendors & security auditors,

so you don't have to.


We are not a normal nine to five computer repair store. You call & we answer.

After hours & weekends.



We install, repair, maintain, PC’S, Servers, Networks, Wi-Fi, access points, printers, scanners & much more.


We can do multiple pc’s at the same time.


We may be able to recover data that has been erased or deleted.


Phone support or remote in support is as quoted

 per hour + sales tax.


Pickup is defined as - at door with any required CD’s in a zip bag with name & phone # & logins & passwords. 


Our Standard 1 hour service call is as quoted + travel charges & sales tax. $20.00 for every 20 miles + sales tax. A standard on-site service charge will apply if we come in to your business or home to unhook, look at, diagnose, or repair or attempt to repair.  Additional hours are at our normal as quoted per hour rates & sales tax


Charges for IN-SHOP repairs: per hour + sales tax.   

 In Shop Charges may not reflect actual time that we work. Our actual time working is usually 2-4 hours when we do not save data. Saving data may require 4 or more actual working hours of scanning and copying.  1-2 business days is normal, longer with complications.  After we have your unit in shop we will usually see the problem(s) & give you a better understanding of the problem(s).  This is just an estimate actual cost may vary.  We will call you the moment your unit is done.  There is a minimum & sales tax included on all systems picked up even if the service cannot be completed or service is declined. Complications may result in additional labor charges.


When your computer gives you errors or will not function properly, the problem can be hardware or software or both. We repair when we can.  Sometimes Windows operating system becomes corrupted.  Viruses, deleted files, power outages, Spyware, Malware, program conflicts, hardware gone bad, all can cause Windows to crash and lose and corrupt data.  Sometimes the Windows operating system will need to be rebuilt or restored.  Sometimes we can save your data. Sometimes it is not cost effective to repair or rebuild. Sometimes a new pc is the best option.  We will give you all the options we can.


Understanding Windows repairs, rebuilds & restores.

WINDOWS REBUILD, NOTHING SAVED by us. 1 hard drive, We normally charge

 1 hour labor +travel + sales tax for a simple rebuild, driver load, testing, with NO data saved and NO complications, if you supply all the correct driver CD’s & Windows CD & OEM serial numbers or the proper restore CD’s.  Complications for hardware or replacing parts there will be additional charges at standard rates + parts.  When customer does not provide operating system CD’s & we do have to find drivers there may be additional charges at standard rates.


Windows rebuild does not include any software other than the windows operating system itself.  Loading your programs like Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, Sage, QuickBooks, configuring printers, scanners.  All additional installations & configurations are charged at standard rates.



For a pc with 1 hard drive we normally charge 2 hour labor +travel +sales tax for a simple rebuild, with data saved and NO complications, if you supply all the correct driver CD’s and Windows CD and OEM serial numbers or the proper restore CD for Brand name PC’s.   Parts, complications, finding drivers for hardware or replacing the part if needed.  If pc or data is password protected or multiple identities or when customer does not provide passwords, operating system & we have to find drivers there may be additional charges at standard rates.  You can load your programs when you get your pc back.  If you want us to load your programs YOU must have the program or have the download information, serials, keys or codes for us to load, provide the programs & request us to load them.  Windows rebuild & save data does not include setting up or configuring or importing your data into Outlook or loading programs like Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, configuring Outlook pst files.   All installations & configurations are standard rates.  After a windows rebuild all programs you loaded on your pc will be gone.  All your programs must be installed as if it was a new system for your programs to function properly.  If the Windows on your pc has been rebuilt. Treat it as a new pc. Plug in video, mouse, keyboard, network (looks like a wide phone jack with 8 contacts), then power.  Turn it on. See that it works.  Only load one device, printer or scanner not both or program at a time and REBOOT properly.  DO NOT plug in your printer or scanner.  Follow the installation instructions as if was new, for your printer, scanner, etc, If you have questions call 281-345-1000.  If you do not follow these instructions you may crash your system and we will charge you to rebuild it again.  If you chose the save data option, your saved data is in a different directory. Not where it was in your old locations. All programs are different and installations differently. 


Terms of service

Our standard rate for Onsite service calls are minimum 1 hour, plus travel charge(s) are $20.00 for every 20 miles from our office plus sales tax.  Additional hours are at our normal per hour rates & sales tax. 


NO CHECKS.  All units that we cannot return to you, paid for or not paid for, over 30 days will be disposed of.  No exceptions.  We will only contact you with the information YOU provide us. 


We are NOT responsible for your data.  There may be loss of data.   We recommend you backup everything you do not want to lose.  Backup your pc often & if you can before it needs a repair.


We are being as paperless as possible. Your credit card receipts will be emailed to you.

In-shop repairs are usually 1-2 business days unless there are additional problems or we are waiting for a call or approval from you.  All services are separate & do not include or assume to include other services.  Pickup & evaluation does not include fix, rebuild, save data or other services. By requesting service you agree to, understand & authorized a minimum of pickup & evaluation.  Minimum & sales tax, pickup & evaluation will be charged before pickup.  By requesting service you agree to allow Computer Specialists to use your credit card(s) for payment on all invoice(s) & service(s).

NOTE: Most PC’s these days seem to have viruses, many of them more than one.  You and only you are responsible for your data  We take great effort to save your data if you tell us to save your data. Sometimes we cannot.  We can recommend several backup devices.  We can recommend external hard drives & flash drives,  Viruses are known to cause hardware failures and data loss. Data loss, due to any reason, is not warranted in any way. Damage or data loss due to, but not limited to, damage from Computer Viruses, Spyware and/or any other malicious code are not warranted in any way.


By requesting service I do not hold Computer Specialists (here after referred to as CS) liable for any problem(s), loss(s) or damage(s) that may occur as a result of service or attempt of service.  Liability: In no event will CS be liable to you or any of your assigns for any general, consequential, indirect, incidental, exemplary, punitive, special or other damages, including without limitation damages for loss of business or personal profits, business or personal interruption or loss of business or personal information, even if CS has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The purchaser/user of any products or services purchased from CS agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CS, its employees and agents or assigns from any and all liability for damages to itself or any third parties, including attorneys' fees, courts costs, and other related costs and expenses, arising out of your use or non-use of any said product(s) or service(s), irrespective of the cause of said liability. CS assumes no liability for loss of business or loss of revenue due to equipment failure, down time, data loss or any other related issues. CS assumes no liability for defective parts or equipment. CS is not responsible for damage or loss caused by acts of God, theft, fire, testing procedures or shipping for items repaired in-shop.


Warranty, Service, Return & Repair Policy:  Customer’s copy of receipt required. CS is NOT liable or responsible for any data loss or operating system loss or failure due to any repair, upgrade, service or attempt to repair any part on any system.  CS is not responsible for the customer’s data in any way either expressed or implied. Data loss, due to any reason, is not warranted in any way, either expressed or implied.  Customer is responsible for any and all backup of data, programs & operating systems. CS is NOT responsible for acts of God or theft or damage inflicted for any reason on any system or part.  Any item, part or computer left at CS for any reason past 30 days will become property of CS & will be disposed of.  There is a $80-100 charge & sales tax on all units taken in even if service is not completed. On any method of payment customer agrees that if for any reason payment is stopped, invoice not paid, charged back, bad check or any non-payment will result in penalties, legal fees, collection fees that will be paid by customer.   We reserve the right to accept cash only payments for goods & services rendered.  Any invoice over 40 days will be accrue 10% interest monthly.  There will be a minimum $50 charge for any bad payment, stop payment, NS funds, non payment, charge-back.  Credit card returns will be subject to a $50 fee.  All hardware repairs are warranted for 30 days from invoice date on work performed. NO warranty on software, software repairs, software installs, settings or configurations, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Physically damaged or broken parts void all warranties.  All new parts are manufacturers warranty only. All parts, new or used sold as parts not installed by CS are manufacturers warranty only and not refundable & not exchangeable.  Any work, repair, installation not done by CS will void all warranties on that unit. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges to CS or to manufacturer.  No warranty on any unit or service for acts of god, virus or software.  As security for payment of the entire balance owed to CS, CS retains an interest in the goods sold to the customer and equipment serviced by CS. CS may, in the manner provided by law, retake the goods sold to the customer or equipment serviced by CS and, in addition hereto, pursue any other remedies as provided by law. Customer agrees to pay all cost of collection of any delinquent account including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, collection agency fees and court costs. These policies are subject to change without notice. Customer agrees that policies have been read and understood & agrees with terms and payments.

Phone  281-345-1000      

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Cloud Callout: I should have called Mark first!